Step By Step Guide To Use Pool Vacuum

When you own a swimming pool in your home, cleaning is one of the most important process. It takes more work for cleaning the swimming pool and it is necessary to monitor the chemical level for at least 3 times per week. Cleaning the swimming pool is worth for safe use so it is necessary to consider a better hassle free cleaning technique. The Ground level of the swimming pool requires more maintenance as the dirt pool vacuum cleaner for cleaning the algae on the floor and wall of the swimming pool. When your pool is cloudy, then it is a sure sign that the water needs to be cleaned. Choosing the best branded vacuum cleaner is most important to clean the swimming pool efficiently and you need to take your time for learning about the property of cleaning. There are normally 2 different types of vacuum cleaner for pool such as Manual or Automatic therse pool vacuum available at and you can pick pool vacuum according to your need.Here is the step by step guide to use the pool vacuum

Manual Pool Vacuum:

    • All the manual pool vacuum consists of the vacuum head, pole and hose.
    • Hook up long pole into the vacuum head so that the pole will allow to move around to the bottom of the pool. Collecting the derbis is easier with the nose and pole in the cleaner.automatic pool vacuum for home
    • Connect one end of hose into vacuum head and all the manual vacuum will have the same technique.
    • One side of hose will be swiveling with the other side attached to vacuum head.
    • When all the cleaner is set, you can lower the hose into the pool until it reaches the bottom while take upper side of the hose in your hand.
    • Place the hose other end for the intake of water and fill the hose with water.
    • When you see the bubbles, it is a good sign and the water will be flowing into hose without any air bubbles.
    • Appropriate suction will be created but when you do not have suction then it is likely to have the air bubbles inside.
    • Connect the hose into skimmer and mount it in other side of the pool through vacuum adapter plate.
    • When the cleaner is ready, connect the pole with the vacuum head and then glide them in the bottom, steps, side and target the debris in the water. After use, disconnect the cleaned hose from the filter.

Automatic Pool Vacuum:

Apart from manually cleaning the pool, there are many advancement in technology for cleaning the swimming pool. Automatic Pool Vacuum cleaners are sole process that requires no interaction from human. The cleaner focuses on cleaning large debris so that it would not miss any dirt from the pool. You need to place the suction pump in the pool so that it will move around to collect the debris. The filter system needs to be changed after suction of debris from the water.