Easy steps to reduce the air conditioning cooling

We are living in the 21st century. Technology is used in everything today. Whatever we are using be it a mobile phone, computer, laptop everything is the gift of technology. Technology has made our life easy.  Air- conditioner is also one of the gifts of the technology that everyone is using.  Air- conditioners have made your life very easy. Gone are the days when in the summer season the people used in to spend their days exhausting in sweat. Now technology has given us a solution to it: Air–conditioner. Now, the people are no more afraid summer as air- conditioner provides them a cooling feeling even in the summer season.
Air- conditioners have become a way to show people a standard of their life. It would not be wrong to say that it has become a primary necessity of the life. However, with the advantage of cooling atmosphere, it also charges an enormous amount of the bill. So, it is beneficial but an expensive way to enjoy the luxury of the life.

Here are some of the ways given to reduce the electricity bill and reduce the use of cooling in your home-

•    GREENERY AROUND HOME:- You should plant more trees and plants around your house. If your garden and backyard are full of green leaves and shades, then no sun rays will be able to enter your home, and automatically it will keep the atmosphere around your home cool. It will reduce the need of Air- conditiair-conditioningoners around your home.

•    WINDOWS THAT PROVIDE SHIELD AGAINST SUN:-The solar screens and heat- proof windows help to a great extent in keeping the house cool. It shields you from about seventy percent of the solar energy. Therefore, it can naturally keep the house cool for a very long time.

•    LOWERING THE TEMPERATURE:- According to the department of energy, you should raise the temperature of the air- conditioner at night or when you are away, at day time lower the temperature to 78 degrees. It will save about 5 – 15% of the electricity bill.

•    USE FANS TO COOL THE ROOM:- You should not buy large fans to cool your home. Just a ceiling fan and a window at the ground level. It will lead to the cooling of your room and also removes sweat from your body.

•       USE BASEMENT TO CHILL IN SUMMER:- You can also take rest in the basement or the ground floor during the summer season. The ground floor is always cooler as compared to other floors. So, you can also save your electricity bill with this technique.

•    TAKE A BATH:- You can run into the shower into the hot days. When you take a shower in fresh water. It will do the job of air- conditioner and provide you with a cold feeling. You will feel cold for quite a long time after taking a bath. So, this is also a great way to feel cool and refreshed in summer times.

So, all these above methods help you to reduce the huge amount of electricity bill that you have to face in the summer season and still enjoy the cooling effect and escape the heat of summer.There are many air conditioning firm in Melbourne whose  provides excellent and professional job to Melbourne residents. they have public liability insurance and work cover to cover the loss as well.